Follow Youth Road and Seek Beautiful Landscape

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Wuhu Hongjing Electronic Information reported that at 7:30 on May 21, the company's EDC Committee organized the participation of the first 50 kilometer traveling event of Wuhu Weixing in Anhui Province in 2016 successfully ended. From the city to the countryside, from noise to tranquility, a toe-to-toe journey started in Wuhu. Our company organized more than 70 leading staff to participate in this great event of walking in Wuhu area.

The journey lasted 50 kilometers. Starting from the sculpture park, there were five supply checks to the site. The end point was the football stadium on Wuhu Park Avenue. A total of 3,000 people signed up for the event. The company's EDC committee organizes the participation in the Yihang event, which conforms to the theme of "building a beautiful grand scene and sharing a happy home", and has played a good role in exercising the body, tempering the will, enhancing the collective sense of honor and cohesion. On the basis of knowing the route situation in advance, organizing the personnel carefully and preparing the protective emergency supplies, Hongjing Electronics in Wuhu leads the staff in groups and supports each other. Through the Central Park, we can get a glimpse of the surrounding scenery of Wuhu and enjoy the pleasure of walking smoothly. With the unexpected arrival of drizzle, the road slippery, more difficult conditions, more difficult activities, for the perseverance team is a challenge. It's a long road. Everyone cheers on each other and takes a heavy step towards the end. With perseverance and conviction, we show the society the good spiritual outlook of Hongjing Electronics staff and accomplish the challenge and transcendence to ourselves. In the end, our staff reached the end. The good image of the company's leading staff who are strict in discipline and courageous in struggle has been unanimously praised by the Organizing Committee of the event and all walks of life. At the same time, I wish the EDC Committee of the company the better!


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