Participation in the 23rd Macao International Trade and Investment Exhibition

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The 23rd Macau International Trade and Investment Exhibition was held at the Venetian Resort Hotel in Macau from October 18 to 20, 2018. The exhibition covers an area of 30,000 square meters, with more than 1500 booths and more than 50 delegations from different countries and regions participating in the exhibition. With the theme of "Promoting cooperation and creating business opportunities together", the exhibition aims to provide partners for participants and provide new business opportunities for development, transformation and entrepreneurship. Anhui Province has organized more than 20 high-tech and famous and excellent products exhibitions of science and technology, tourism, culture, light industry, household appliances, food, agricultural products, textiles, manufacturing, and "old brand" enterprises.

Anhui Special Exhibition Hall

As a representative of Anhui science and technology enterprises, Wuhu Hongjing Electronics was invited to participate in the exhibition. With the theme of "Innovation Technology, Intelligent Deduction", Wuhu Hongjing Electronics entered Anhui Special Assembly Exhibition Area with new high-tech automotive instruments and intelligent cockpit touch control products. It showed the technical level and comprehensive strength of Wuhu Hongjing Electronics in an all-round way, and presented an advanced technology communication and exchange meeting for the audience.

On the first day of the exhibition on October 17, many multimedia products exhibited by Hongjing Electronics in Wuhu attracted the attention of many media, customers and visitors. Chang Zheng, President of Wuhu Chamber of Commerce, and Secretary-General Tang Deyu of Wuhu People's Government personally visited our exhibition stand. The products on display attracted many visitors to consult. Various vehicle-borne intelligent terminal platforms attracted much attention, especially the large-screen vehicle-borne intelligent terminal.

Wuhu Hongjing Electronics is a manufacturing and modelling enterprise with automobile electronic product development, production and service as its main business, focusing on the automobile electronic industry, aiming at providing customers with the ultimate service, insisting on continuously improving management standards, technical capabilities and quality level, and developing steadily and steadily.

At present, Hongjing Electronics in Wuhu has an annual production capacity of 4.3 million sets/sets of various types of electronic products, as well as 1 million sets of on-board intelligent central control electronic information products. In the future, the company will further increase investment in R&D and technological innovation, build a more competitive talent strategy, and constantly optimize organizational capabilities. The management mode aims at enhancing the industry image of self-owned brand automotive parts and components, and promotes its sustained and rapid development.

Through this exhibition, many customers at home and abroad show great enthusiasm for Hongjing electronic products. On the spot, they intend to send project invitations to our company. Follow-up Hongjing will provide customers with high quality products and services with full enthusiasm, sincere service and cost-effective products.


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