Our company was invited to attend the 9th Global Automobile Industry Summit

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On April 20, 2017, our company was invited to attend the 9th Global Automobile Industry Summit and communicate and learn with up to 650 enterprises.

The 9th Global Automobile Industry Summit, with the theme of "Technology Driven, Automobile Future", was successfully held in Shanghai. As one of the largest official simultaneous events of the Shanghai Auto Show in China, the Summit was co-sponsored by Geiss Automobile and Shanghai International Exhibition Co., Ltd. with a total of 1500 participants.

As in previous sessions, the depth of information and thought of the forum is the most professional in China, bringing together the most cutting-edge technology and market dynamic information of automobiles. Mr. Shi Jianhua, Deputy Secretary-General of the China Automobile Industry Association and Chairman of the Post-Market Committee of the China Automobile Association, and Mr. Li Zhengwei, Vice-President of Shanghai International Exhibition Co., Ltd. attended the summit and delivered speeches. Mr. Li Qingwen, Vice-President of the China-EU Economic and Technical Cooperation Association and President of the Independent Automobile Industry Branch, presided over the morning main forum.
President of the Conference: Li Qingwen, Vice President of China-EU Economic and Technical Cooperation Association and President of Independent Automobile Industry Branch
Mr. Shi Jianhua, Deputy Secretary-General of China Automobile Industry Association and Chairman of Post-Market Committee of China Automobile Association
In his speech, Mr. Shi Jianhua, Deputy Secretary-General of the China Automobile Industry Association and Chairman of the Post-Market Committee of the China Automobile Association, said that it was another year of auto exhibition. He thanked the organizer of Geshi Automobile for inviting him and jointly advocated the development of the auto industry in 2017 with all the guests present. China's automobile market is still in a steady development trend. It is expected to achieve a 5% growth rate this year. The annual sales will reach about 29.4 million vehicles. However, the pressures and challenges we are facing can not be ignored. Shi Jianhua said that the pressure of energy and environment is becoming increasingly severe, and the transformation and upgrading of Chinese brands need to be accelerated urgently. Made in China 2025 will bring unprecedented opportunities to the automotive industry. New formats such as new energy and the application of Intelligent Network Union will also have a far-reaching impact on the development of the automotive industry. Finally, Shi Jianhua concluded that the rise of China's automobile brand is the common aspiration and pursuit of all, enterprises should adhere to innovation and upgrading, and constantly deepen management reform. Strengthening research and development of key technologies, cross-border collaboration, resource sharing, deep embrace and sincere cooperation are essential.
Li Zhengwei, Vice President of Shanghai International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
In his speech, Li Zhengwei, Vice President of Shanghai International Exhibition Co., Ltd., especially mentioned that the Geyser Automobile Global Automobile Industry Summit has been successfully held for nine sessions, providing a good platform for the industry to exchange ideas. Nowadays, the theme of Shanghai Auto Show in 2017 is to strive for a better life. It focuses on the most advanced technologies and products in the automotive industry. It also reflects the new trend of automotive development, such as electrification, intellectualization and networking. These new technologies and forms are also guiding the development of our automotive industry. Li Zhengwei mentioned that through the agenda of this summit, we can see that the application of new materials in traditional energy saving and emission reduction has also made a series of progress, including plastics instead of steel, lightweight, product optimization and innovation, etc. The current situation and trend of automotive industry and technology development are deeply analyzed, which will be a time. A rare exchange feast!
Zhou Xiaoying, President of Geyser Automobile

Zhou Xiaoying, President of Geshi Automobile, expressed sincere thanks to the guests. She mentioned that today is the second day of the media day of Shanghai Automobile Exhibition. There are six major forums in Shanghai held at the same time. Thank you for your strong support for the 9th Global Automotive Industry Summit of Geshi Automobile. Auto exhibition will inevitably be closely related to automatic driving, new energy, lightweight, energy-saving and environmental protection. The automotive industry is undergoing very large technological changes. There is an old saying in China that running water is not corrupt and household hubs are not sluggish. Only when the industry keeps changing, can new possibilities be realized. If it is a very solid pyramid, it only emphasizes cost reduction and cost-effectiveness, without considering how to innovate, how to constantly optimize user experience, and constantly return to the origin to think, to create value for enterprises and organizations! Zhou Xiaoying especially thanked the friends of the host factory for their support to Geshi automobile. To some extent, it is through Geshi platform that the real industrial upgrading is delivered. The automobile power must be the rise of the whole parts industry chain.

Policy Reform and Industrial Development

Zheng Xiancong, Co-founder and Executive Vice President of Weilai Automobile Company
In the morning, five guests from host factories and research institutes gave keynote speeches around the automotive industry observation in 2017. Zheng Xiancong, co-founder and executive vice president of Weilai Automobile, said that his first meeting with Li Bin was also at a meeting. As a new car manufacturer, Weilai Automobile has put "face design" in Munich and "body design" in Anting. The team of 2000 people from more than 40 countries at home and abroad hopes to make some changes.
Zhou Zhou, Deputy General Manager of China Automobile Engineering Research Institute
Zhou Zhou, deputy general manager of China Academy of Automobile Engineering, shared with you about the development path of energy-saving technology and the thinking of energy-saving in China in the coming years. Vigorously promoting the development of traditional energy-saving vehicles is a combination of independent research and development and international development. Made in China 2025, the synchronous implementation of energy saving and energy saving of new energy vehicles can significantly improve the energy saving level of passenger and commercial vehicles in China, accelerate the cultivation of automobile industry ecology with Chinese characteristics, and significantly reduce the huge cost consumption of commercial vehicles, which can effectively guarantee China's national energy security.
Zhou Ping, Vice President of Zebra Automobile
Zhou Ping, Vice President of Zebra Automobile, has revealed that a solution for Internet automobile cooperation with a new automobile brand will be announced recently, which will be used by the next Internet automobile. We hope that more cars in the car interaction system instead of mobile phones, we must find ways to put all kinds of Tucao users to solve the fastest time, so that users feel very satisfied!
Pan Shilin, Vice President of Zhongtai Automotive Engineering Research Institute
Pan Shilin, Vice President of Zhongtai Automobile Engineering Research Institute, introduced the achievements of Zhongtai Automobile in the field of driverless driving in detail. In the mass production vehicle, the achievements of research and development on the sample vehicle will be gradually realized, such as panoramic, blind area detection, lane departure warning, auxiliary and semi-automatic barge has been realized mass production. In terms of Vehicle Networking, 4G Vehicle Networking is also under development. It is believed that it will be put into the market later this year. The functions of Vehicle Networking already implemented include remote diagnosis, remote control, intelligent navigation, security and information services.
Zeng Liping, Director and Senior Analyst of Geshi Automobile Research Institute

Zeng Liping, director and senior analyst of Geshi Automobile Research Institute, makes a detailed analysis and outlook of passenger car market in 2017 through data charts. Zeng Liping mentioned that there is a sustained growth in Japanese auto companies and that Japanese auto companies are rebounding in development, but there is a decline in Korean auto companies, including Ford. Many experts in the industry are talking about China's independent brands, such as Geely, Chang'an and Great Wall, which have undergone tremendous changes in all aspects of vehicle competitiveness. Perhaps the first thing that shapes and brands can do is Korean car companies. Perhaps because the competitiveness of their products in all aspects do not have a particularly obvious advantage, by the impact of independent brands. So in the long run, Japan will grow slowly, from 14% to 17% last year, and the overall growth of its own brand is 44%.

Parallel Forum on New Energy, Intelligent Network and New Materials

Wei Lai Capital Partner Zhang Junyi
He Peng, Vice President and Chief Technical Officer of Kangde Composites Co., Ltd.
In the afternoon of the summit, three parallel forums were set up, which were carried out in three modules: new energy, smart networking and new materials. The industry is deeply analyzed from three aspects: the development and key technologies of new energy automotive industry, the development and industrialization of intelligent network automotive technology, and the progress and innovative application of automotive materials technology. From Shanghai Automobile Group Co., Ltd., ANSYS, Suzhou Zhongcheng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Collier Technology Co., Ltd., Beiqi New Energy, Dazu Laser Intelligent Equipment Group, Ulai Capital, Science and Technology Daxunfei, Socionext, Tongji University, Beiqi Research Institute, Hengsmai Advanced Materials, Kangde Participants from Composite Material, Ningbo Huaxiang Natural Fiber Technology Co., Ltd., China Automobile Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd., and Fixed Platinum Tire Asia Technology Research and Development Center participated in the speech.
Three roundtables were set up in the parallel forum. The theme of the forum was the development strategy and suggestions of the new energy automobile industry in the post-subsidy era. Chen Yong, director of the New Energy Automobile Research Center of Hebei University of Technology and senior chief engineer of Geely Automotive Power Assembly Research Institute, presided over the forum. Passenger cars of Shanghai Automobile Group Co., Ltd. Zhang Dong, Director of New Energy Planning and Platform, Business Planning and Project Management Department of the Company, Chen Ping, General Engineer of Beiqi New Energy, Ma Weiming, Vice General Manager of Suzhou Zhongcheng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Liu Zhiru, President of Power Battery System Research Institute of Shenzhen Collier Technology Co., Ltd., and General Manager of Xingxing Power Supply Co., Ltd. Manager Feng Xiao took part in the discussion.
The roundtable discussion of the parallel forum of the Intelligent Network Alliance explains the main restrictive factors of the current Intelligent Network Alliance Automobile Industrialization and how to view the development schedule of the Intelligent Network Alliance Automobile Industry, and then discusses the Internet Automobile Industry: 2016 has been a time to verify that the Internet Automobile Industry has not seen a viable product, and what will happen in 2017? ? Zhang Jun, General Director of New Energy System Integration of Beiqi, Special Expert of National "Thousand Persons Plan", Bai Jie, Ph.D. Tutor of Automotive College of Tongji University, Liu Junfeng, General Manager of Automotive Business Department of Technological University Xunfei Co., Ltd., Socionext, Lv Xueliang, Deputy Manager of Technical Support of IoT Business Department, and Desai Xiwei Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. of Huizhou City. Zhang Jianhua, Senior Manager of Technical Research Institute of Limited, participated in the discussion.

The theme of the round table discussion of the parallel Forum on new materials is technical innovation and future prospects for the development of new materials for automobiles. Cao Du, chief engineer of Beijing Automobile Research Institute, He Peng, Vice President and Chief Technical Officer of Kangde Composites Co., Ltd., Yu Yingbin, Marketing Manager of Ningbo Huaxiang Natural Fiber Technology Co., Ltd., and China Automotive Engineering Zhou Jia, deputy director of Lightweight Center of Academy Limited, and Li Junxian, head of Non-Metal Technology Section of Inner and Exterior Decoration Department of Beiqi Research Institute participated in the discussion.

The global automotive industry has entered a period of comprehensive reform and reconstruction. A new round of scientific and technological revolution will bring the vehicle of automotive industry technology, the carrier of science and technology, the carrier of innovation and unprecedented historical opportunities. I hope China's automotive industry will make good achievements again.

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